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Ancient Mesopotamia
Assyria Nineveh
Arslan Tash Til Barsip
Iran Palace of Darius
Phoenicia Arabia Palmyra
Syrian coast
Ougarit Byblos

Seal Inscribed in Hebrew
AO 6216
Sully Levant
room D showcase 5 (21)
Assyrian figure holding
a stick and a flower.
On this seal, we can read: “Belonging to Shebna, servant of Uzziah” King of Judah (2 Chronicles 26:1). This undoubtedly refers to a high-ranking official whose name is an invocation to Yahweh.
The interest accorded to names themselves in the Hebrew Scriptures and by the Semitic people is worthy of note. Everything that exists has a name, and everything that has a name A280 carries a meaning. A name was no mere label. It was characteristic of the real personality of the person to whom it belonged. A281
We can read in Ephesians 3:14, 15: “Every family in heaven and on earth” receives its name from God.


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