Did you know ?

Christmas is linked to the cult of Mithras

The New Year celebration was celebrated on a different date among the Babylonians, Egyptians and Romans

The cross and its variants, including the swastika, already existed before Christ

The halo circle around the heads of the icons is a vestige of the cult of the sun

The dragon was the symbol of Marduk, the major god of Babylon

The symbolism of the Madonna and Child is found in non-Christian religions

Astrology and the Zodiac originated in Babylon

The Bible already indicated that the earth is spherical and suspended on nothing

Archeology often confirms the Bible

The Easter holiday has a pre-Christian origin

The Carnival party has an origin prior to Christianity

The traditional cross could also be a simple post

Three Caesars are named by name in the Bible

The Code of Hammurabi may not be the ancestor of biblical laws

The symbol of the trinity is found among the Babylonians and the Egyptians

Archeology often confirms the Bible

The belief in the immortality of the soul and its variants were shaped by the same Babylonian concept

Biblical medicine was far superior to that of the Egyptians

The god Pan is partly at the origin of the artistic representation of the devil

The transmission of the biblical text is remarkably reliable

God's proper name, written in ancient Hebrew, appears on a Louvre stele