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The Sacrifice of Isaac
God asks Abraham: "Please, take your son, your only son, whom you love so much, Isaac, and make way to the land of Moriah, and offer him there for a burnt offering upon one of the mountains I show you. "(Genesis 22:1, 2). With faith, Abraham obeyed. The biblical story of Abraham offering Isaac is trying to help them understand what God has done for us.
Scripture quotations are taken from the Bible in current French.
"Thereafter, God put Abraham \ 's test. It \ 's called and Abraham answered: "Yes, I \' t listen. "God replied:." Take your son Isaac, your only son whom you love so much, go into the land of Moriah, a mountain that I \ 't will indicate, and offer him there as a sacrifice me "The next Abraham up early. He split the wood for the sacrifice, he saddled his donkey and set out for the place God had told him. He took with him two servants and his son Isaac. Two days later, he saw \ 's place in the distance. He then said to the servants, "Stay here with \ 's ass. My son and I go up there to worship God, then we will join you. "Abraham on his son Isaac the wood of sacrifice. Himself wore embers fire and a knife. While that \ 'they went both of them together, Isaac \' s spoke to his father Abraham, "My father! "He said. The latter replied: "Yes, I \ 't listen, my child. "-" We have the fire and the wood, said Isaac, but that \ 's the lamb for the sacrifice? "Abraham replied, 'My son, God will provide himself the \ Lamb. "- Genesis 22:1-8
\ "\"
L \ 'Angel of the Lord
preventing Abraham
sacrifice his son Isaac
RF 920
Pieter LASTMAN             1616

Table influenced by the great Venetian painting (Veronese)

and marked turn Rembrandt, student and author Lastman paintings on the same subject (in 1635 and 1636).

The sacrifice \ 'Isaac by Abraham
MI 962
Peter Paul Rubens
Siegen (Westphalia), 1577
- Antwerp, 1640
H. : 0.50 m. , L. 0.65 m.
\ "\"
"When they came to the place which God had told him, Abraham built an altar there and laid the wood. Then he bound Isaac his son, and laid it on the \ 'altar, upon the wood. Then he held out his hand and took the knife to slay his son. But the l \ 'angel of the Lord \' s called out to heaven, "Abraham, Abraham! "- Yes," said Abraham, I \ 't listen. "L \ 'angel commanded him:" Be not hands on \' s child, do not do him any harm. Now I know that you respect the \ authority of God, since you have not withheld him your son, your only son. "Looking up, Abraham saw a ram caught by its horns in a bush. He went to take it and \ 's offered in sacrifice instead of his son. Abraham named that place "The Lord will watch it." That \ 's why \ is said even today: "On the mountain the Lord will watch it." - Genesis 22:9-14
\ "\"\ "\"
Sacrifice \ 's Abraham inv 188
Annibale Carracci To 1599

This copper is \ 's one of the first landscapes painted by Annibale Carracci in Rome, where the imminent drama of biblical subject is echoed in the surrounding landscape.

Plate: The Sacrifice \ 's Abraham MR 2622

Pierre Courteys

Second half of the sixteenth century
Limoges enamel painted on copper

Obeying the instructions of Yahweh, Abraham took his son and left AA114 Beersheba in the Negev, to go to Mount Moriah, near Salem. There he built an altar and prepared to offer Isaac as a sacrifice, the promised seed. And truly Abraham "was virtually offered Isaac" because he "believed that God could even raise from the dead." It was not until the last moment that God intervened and provided a ram to replace Isaac on the altar of sacrifice. So the total faith of Abraham, combined with absolute obedience, prompting Yahweh to confirm his covenant with him by an oath, which was a special warranty.
\ "\"\ "\"
Abraham leading Isaac to sacrifice   
10275 OA D \ 'after Simon Vouet
First part of \ a hanging \ 's Old
Will the arms of Brittany dAvaugour
About 1635 Amiens Tapestry, wool and silk
Sacrifice \ 's Isaac inv 1980
Monogrammist Brunswick
Active in Antwerp in the second quarter
sixteenth century
Richelieu 2nd floor room 9
In the case of Abraham, God intervened so Isaac has finally been sacrificed. But in his own case, he did not give up at the last moment. It is his infinitely precious that God sent to earth to deliver the ransom Son. However, there was no pressure to do so. His gesture was an expression of his extraordinary unmerited favor.
We take the full measure of these words of Jesus: "God so loved the world that he gave his only-begotten Son. "- John 3:16

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