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Ancient Mesopotamia
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Syrian coast
Ougarit Byblos

Statue in Human Form
DAO 96
Sully Levant
room D showcase 8
This is the oldest exhibit in the Louvre.
Hand-sculpted in plaster,
this statue was built on an armature
of cords made from woven fibre,
the impression left behind being all
that remains of it today.

 The oldest exhibit in the Louvre

This Neolithic statue from 'Ain Ghazal, and other evidence from this period, allows us to glimpse a trace of the cult of ancestors and the already evident belief in a form of life after death. (Genesis 3:4).
It is therefore not surprising to see the level of importance held by the cult of the dead and the fundamental role played by this in human society since it first appeared.  A286


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