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Ancient Mesopotamia
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Syrian coast
Ougarit Byblos

Model Shrine     AO 21689
Sully Levant
room D showcase 5 (34) 
Discovered in a private house,
this architectural terracotta model
represents a scaled-down domestic shrine.
The rectangular opening is framed by
two fluted pillars.
An added wreath adorns the very
pronounced pediment.
The recess could easily accommodate a figurine.
This model, in the form of a cella or small chapel, makes reference to sacred architecture. It would correspond to idolatry worship similar to that of the sacred pole. 
The exhibit comes from Tell el-Farah, which is generally identified with Tirtsa, the capital of the Israel kingdom notably during the reigns of Nadab, Baasha and Omri. - 1 Kings 15,16.


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