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Stele of the Scribe Tarhunpiyas
AO 19222
Richelieu room 5
Not currently on display
This funerary stele shows
a scribe depicted as a child
on his mother’s knees.
He is holding a hunting falcon;
his writing tablet is in front of him.

This work calls to mind the

Prophet Ezekiel’s vision of a

“man dressed in linen, with a scribe’s ink-horn in his belt”

and who received the order to

“go through the midst of the city and set a mark on the foreheads” of faithful men. - Ezekiel 9:2

The Hebrew word is taw, the last letter of the alphabet, which at the time was written in the form of a cross (verse 4, note). A mark of belonging (Isaiah 44:5), which was also to become a symbolic mark of survival.


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