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Caryatids Room
Roman art
Julio-Claudian Period
Late Antiquity
Gaul, Africa and Syria

Melpomene                  MR 269
Not on show
This colossal statue has given its name
to the gallery that it has decorated since 1815.
It took on the face of Melpomene,
the Muse of tragedy, when restoration brought the addition of a modern mask.
Greek and Roman actors wore large masks
fitted with technical devices which
amplified their voices.
The Greek word translated as hypocrite (hypokrites) means ‘ he who replies ’ and also designates a theatrical actor.
It is applied through metaphor to someone who wishes to deceive or put on an act (Galatians 2:13). Jesus Christ described as hypocrites those who “invalidated the word of God for the sake of your tradition.” - Matthew 15:6, 7 New American Standard Bible


Vertumnus and Pomona
RF 2716
Richelieu Puget Court
The god of gardens, Vertumnus,
was in love with the beautiful Pomona.
He took on the appearance
of an old woman who finally
reveals her true face,
meaning the mask was
removed by the young man.




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