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Ancient Mesopotamia
Assyria Nineveh
Arslan Tash Til Barsip
Iran Palace of Darius
Phoenicia Arabia Palmyra
Syrian coast
Ougarit Byblos

Trivet Decorated with Pomegranates
AO 11606
Sully Levant room B 
showcase 9 (4)
Late Bronze Age
(13th-12th Century BC)
Ras Shamra
Pomegranates decorated the clothing of the high priest and the capitals of the Temple columns. Exodus 28:33; 1 Kings 7:18.
The pomegranate tree was cultivated extensively during biblical times, and places such as Rimmôn and Gath-Rimmôn undoubtedly owe their name to the abundance of these trees (Hebrew: rimmôn) in their region. - Joshua 15:32; 19:45


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