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The So-called ‘Esagila Tablet’
AO 6555
Not on show
The Ziggurat of Babylon is the subject
of the greater part of the tablet.
The text is the statement of
a mathematical problem
of religious scope.
With Hammurabi,
the rise of the cult
of Marduk, elevated to the level
of supreme god and head of
the Babylonian pantheon,
goes hand in hand with
the rise of Babylon.
This world power appears in
biblical frescoes mainly from
the time of Nebuchadnezzar II.

 The So-called Esagila Tablet

The temple of Marduk,
the cosmic centre of the world,
was named Esagila,
‘ temple of the raised head ’.
It was the most sacred place
in the kingdom.
The temple at the top consisted
of six chapels and the Chamber of God.


 Temple of Marduk, Esagila

On the other side of the processional avenue was a large ziggurat,
called Etemenanki ,
‘temple of the foundation of
heaven and earth’. A193
A reproduction of an ancient
document reveals the size of this
seven-storey tower, which was
cube-shaped with 90m sides. A194

It was perhaps modelled on the Tower of Babel in Genesis chapter 11.
The biblical Tower of Babel seems to resemble a ‘ziggurat’, probably the one that was unearthed in 1913 from the ruins of Babylon by a German archaeological mission. Ziggurats are stepped square towers such as those found elsewhere in many ancient Mesopotamian cities.
Located near the former palace of Saddam Hussein, the Ziggurat of Babylon had 90m sides and was perhaps almost the same in height.
Today, this monument is in an advanced state of ruin.
The outline of its shape is still clearly visible from above. Its walls have given way to a marshy ditch. In fact, the groundwater level makes the terrain barely passable.


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