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Ancient Mesopotamia
Assyria Nineveh
Arslan Tash Til Barsip
Iran Palace of Darius
Phoenicia Arabia Palmyra
Syrian coast
Ougarit Byblos

Statue with "Gushing Vase" (Statue N)
AO 22126
Second dynasty of Lagash
Telloh, Ancient Girsu, Iraq
Richelieu room 2
This statue represents Gudea,
who reigned over southern Mesopotamia
around 2120 BC.
He is wearing long linen, fringed clothing
and a hat with a wide brim which, like crowns
in our civilisation, represents royal power.

 Statue of Gudea with "Gushing Vase"

The sovereign is standing upright and carrying a vase in his hands from which streams of fish are gushing. The symbol of fresh water fertility, it is the traditional privilege of the god Enki.
This theme of the vase from which the water of life flows is often found in Mesopotamian mythology, perhaps reflecting the story of Genesis 2:10.
Stag and Doe Drinking from the Four Rivers of Paradise
MND 401
Denon Ground floor
room 28
This mosaic formed part of a church decoration in Tunisia. Like the Sumerians two thousand years previously, the artist has illustrated the life-giving qualities of water by filling the streams with a multitude of fish


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