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Granary               E 283
Showcase Room 4 11

The scribe notes the amount of grain poured in the silo.
This model illustrates the "grain store" referred
to Genesis 41:56, when there
was famine in Egypt in the time of Joseph.

See also
Model attic E 11 938
Room 16 Case 3

 Egypt in the time of Joseph


A royal child plucks grapes

E 14374

Sully first room 25 Case 3

This ivory painting confirms the presence of grapes
in Egypt.


The Bible even speaks of
the chief cupbearer
(Genesis 40:9-23).


The wine industry received
a heavy blow when God
"began to kill their vine"
by a plague of hail.
- Psalm 78:47

Hormin  rewarded by
Seti   the 1st       C 213

Sully room  27  showcase 2

Pharaoh gives gold necklaces
to his chief of the harem.

This scene illustrates the reward
to Joseph, when Pharaoh
"placed a necklace of gold
about his neck.”  
Genesis 41:42.AE49


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