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Ancient Mesopotamia
Assyria Nineveh
Arslan Tash Til Barsip
Iran Palace of Darius
Phoenicia Arabia Palmyra
Syrian coast
Ougarit Byblos

Foundation Charter of
the Palace of Darius I in Old Persian
Sb 14084
Sully room 14 showcase 4
Darius Hystaspes is considered one
of the greatest sovereigns
of the Persian Empire.

 Darius Hystaspes and decree for the Jews

It was he who promulgated a decree allowing the Jews to finish rebuilding the temple in 515 BCE, at the instigation of the Prophets Haggai and Zechariah (Ezra 6:1-14). He was a zealous worshipper of Ahura Mazda, the main deity of Zoroastrianism. A241  “King Darius said: by the grace of Ahura Mazda, I did this; what I accomplished appears excellent to all. ».
The symbol of this Trinitarian god is very similar to that of the Assyrian god Asshur. One of the characteristics of Zoroastrianism is dualism, the belief in two independent divine beings.
This god was thought to be the creator
of all things good.
He was perhaps part of a triad,
made up also of Mithra and Anahita
(goddess of water and fertility).
A number of scholars have linked Anahita
with the Babylonian goddess Ishtar.
E. James comments as follows: “She was worshipped as ‘the Great Goddess whose name is the Lady’, the ‘all-powerful immaculate one’, purifying ‘the seed of males [...] She was, in fact, the Iranian counterpart of the Syrian goddess Anat, the Babylonian goddess Inanna-Ishtar and the Greek goddess Aphrodite.”  A241
Amulet in the Form of Necklace Counterweight in the Name of Darius I  
AF 2913   Sully 1st floor room 29 showcase 13

The Soldier of Marathon

Announcing the Victory     L.P. 243
Richelieu Cour Puget
The Battle of Marathon in 490 BCE
is one of the most incredible victories known to history.
Legend has it that a messenger ran
to inform the Athenians of the Greek victory over the Persian invaders commanded by Darius I.
This was the start of
this rival’s true rise to power.
In biblical terms, the humiliation of
the Medo-Persian Empire,
the ‘two-horned ram’, by the future
power depicted as a ‘goat’, had been announced a long time beforehand. - Daniel 8:5-8 A242


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