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Humanity or goodness?

These two qualities of heart resulted in various biblical terms. The goodness of heart is it similar to the usual kindness and humanity? Comparative analysis from some paintings from the Louvre Museum.
A common example of kindness to a group of castaways that included the apostle Paul. They met on a shore of the island of Malta. So they had no commitment to stranded on strike or no relationship with them foreigners, the Maltese have received with hospitality they showed their "remarkable humanity." - Acts 28:2, 7
\ "\"
Saint Paul bitten by a viper in the \ 'Malta
inv 1931
Martin YOUR Antwerp, 1603
Richelieu 2nd Netherlands Room 11

In the highly expressive and colorful, although typically Marten de Vos, who \ 's not without announcing that \' s one Rubens.
The Greek word used here is given in French Philanthropy (Thompson, note). It is translated differently by unusual humanity (TOB 2010, Jerusalem), uncommon kindness (Segond 21) Home unusual (Chouraqui) friendliness (Bible people). Their hospitality was nice, but she was punctual and offered to foreigners. It was so ordinary kindness, common humanity.
"And the people of foreign language have given us a remarkable humanity, for they kindled a fire and made us all kindly received, because of the falling rain and the cold. But when Paul had gathered a bundle of dry wood and put it on the fire, a viper came out by the effect of heat and clung to his hand "- Acts of the Apostles 28: 2 - 3
The Greek word used here
for humanity
gave in French
But there is a difference with the goodness of heart. In the Bible this quality translates a Hebrew word whose meaning is so rich that most languages ​​do not have a word that makes it completely. Translations love, mercy (JB), faithfulness, great friendship (TOB), favor, goodness or greatness of your goodness (Segond 21) do not release all its intensity. The translation 'goodness of heart' (TMN), less vague, is not far from making full meaning of the word. Equivalent translation would be 'true love'. This expression appears some 250 times in the text, and for the first time in Genesis 7:19 p.m.. AA147
The goodness of heart
occurs to people,
and not to concepts;
It also has a broader meaning
that the term 'loyalty'
"You have shown great mercy to me assuring me life"
Genesis 19: 19, Jerusalem
Lot, Abraham's nephew, had been captured by the enemy. But his uncle had saved. Lot's life was in danger again when God decided to destroy the wicked city of Sodom, where Lot lived with his family. Just before the destruction of Sodom, the angels did Lot and his family out of the city. He later expressed his gratitude in these words: "Your servant has found favor in your eyes, so you're trying to grow your goodness of heart, that which thou hast shewed unto me to keep my soul alive. "
Lot and his family leaving Sodom, led by angels, or The Flight of Lot inv 1760
Peter Paul Rubens, 1625
Richelieu 2nd room 21
One of the few tables
Rubens signed and dated.
Lot's wife, contravention
a divine order and looking
back will be changed,
according to the Bible, a pillar of salt.
\ "\"
Above beings in demon form (the Bible says no such thing), agents of the wrath of God will destroy the wicked city of Sodom. Fine example of the sculptural and colorful baroque dynamic dear to Rubens. Copy Delacroix in the Louvre.
However, there seems to be a difference between love and loyalty. You can love things and concepts. The Bible speaks of the man who 'loves wine and oil' and who 'love of wisdom'. (Proverbs 9:17 p.m.;. 29:3) The goodness of heart occurs to people, and not to concepts or inanimate things. It also has a broader meaning than the term 'loyalty'. AA148
The goodness of heart, is love in action. The best way to grasp the extent of the goodness of heart is perhaps to examine the accounts of Scripture where the quality comes in. With a father, a son and a daughter.
\ "\"
Eliezer and Rebecca inv 3505
Antoine COYPEL Paris, 1701
The painting was commissioned in 1701
for the Office of the pool at the castle
Versailles in during the Finding of Moses La Fosse (Louvre).
S \ 'based in part \' s canvas
Poussin, \ 's artist rejuvenates the classicist tradition by dancing with
its figures, paving the way for
\ 's kind art of the eighteenth century.

Genesis Chapter 24 relates a circumstance where God showed
of faithful love.

This chapter tells Abraham sent his servant in the land of his relatives to find a wife for his son Isaac.
Aware that he needed God's help, Abraham's servant said this prayer: "YHWH the God of my master Abraham, please, let this happen to me in this day and show kindness of heart to my master Abraham. "(Verse 12, 27).
Bethuel, father of Rebekah
also expressed his great friendship with Abraham through concrete actions,
in sending him his daughter '(vst 51).

Rebecca receiving hands
d \ 'Eliezer
these \' s Abraham

RF 1977-15
François BOUCHER
Before 1727

Formerly attributed to Tiepolo and Pellegrini,
this sketch for a painting of the Museum of Fine Arts in Strasbourg, belongs to scenes from the lives of the Patriarchs \ 's Old Testament performed by Boucher before his departure for the \ Italy in 1727.
\ "\"
Jacob, grand-son of Abraham, also received the kindness of heart from one of his son. According to Genesis chapter 47, he lived in Egypt, 'the day of his death came.' (Verses 27-29.). Jacob called his son Joseph and said, "If I have found favor in your eyes, [...] you'll have to use my kindness of heart and loyalty. (Please, do not bury me in Egypt.) I will have to sleep with my fathers, and you must carry me out of Egypt and bury me in their graves. "(Genesis 47:29, 30). Joseph promised to grant him his request, and shortly after Jacob died. "Then Joseph commanded his servants the physicians to embalm his father. So the physicians embalmed Israel. , "Genesis 50: 2
\ "\"
Mummy covered its
N 2627
Sully room 15 showcase 1

Ptolemaic Period,
Third - the second century BC
Lin, coated fabrics and linens
painted ("cardboard")
The Book of Ruth describes the circumstances in which a widow, Naomi, has benefited from the goodness of his heart Moabite daughter, Ruth. She agreed to marry Boaz, an elderly parent. The latter said to her: "You have shown kindness to your heart even better the second time than the first, not running after young men, whether they are rich or humble. "- Ruth 3:10.
\ "\"\ "\"
L \ 'Summer or Ruth and Boaz inv 7304 Nicolas Poussin
Richelieu 2nd Room 16 Ruth, a Moabite poor servant, obtains Booz \ 's permission to glean in his fields. And bear David, ancestor of Christ
Ruth and Boaz RF 1961-41

School French second half of the eighteenth century
Sully 2nd Room C

Bethouël, Joseph and Ruth practiced kindness of heart willingly, their heart to be pushed. They felt a moral responsibility to show this quality to those with whom they had connections. A human who shows kindness of heart to his fellow by the fact voluntary actions to meet a critical need. AA149

It is an act that protects or defends life. This is an intervention for someone who suffered a setback or experiencing distress. Following the example of God, when humans wear goodness of heart, they do it through concrete actions, willingly, and often against those who need it. The goodness of heart, is love in action.

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