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Jesus, Mordecai, Lydia wore purple clothes. What is the link with the murex? Detour to the bathroom 2 of Oriental Antiquities where this shell is exposed.
\ "\"
Shell in the name of Rimush king of Kish
AO 21404
To 2270 BC
Imported from Murex
Red Sea and Gulf
Richelieu ground floor living room 2 2
The murex name is derived from Latin murex. In antiquity, the term designated gastropod molluscs which were extracted the purple on the Phoenician coast. The Bible mentions the murex indirectly, of their common Mediterranean species, pepper (Murex trunculus) and the right spine (Murex brandaris) were suppliers of expensive purple dye with tissueAA145. Was dyed in biblical times AA145. Was dyed in biblical times

In the upper part
the body of the mollusc
is a small gland
which contains only a droplet of liquid.
This juice has the color and consistency of cream;
exposed to air and light,
it takes a coloring
which ranges from dark purple to
reddish purple.

The shade of their color
varies depending on where
on the fishing.
\ "\"

It pierced one after another the largest specimens, which the precious liquid is carefully extracted, as the smallest, they were ground in mortars. Phoenicia was particularly famous for its purple industry.

Dresses royal purple or Tyrian, is selling extremely expensive, because for a few yards of fabric dye, it had thousands of shells. It is estimated that it takes about 8000 murex for 1 gram of purple dye.

The animal that lives inside of these shells provided the valuable purple dye.
It was about 8000 murex
to obtain 1 g
Purple dye.
The Bible mentions
Purple has become the symbol of royalty, dignity and wealth.
Tyre was the main seaport of ancient Phoenicia, what is now the Lebanon. This city was famous for its flourishing trade fabrics dyed with bright color: purple; known in the Roman Empire, under the name of Tyrian purple.
"Son of man, utters a dirge over Tyre [...]. Egyptian linen of various colors was the canvas you déployais to serve you sail. Blue and wool dyed reddish purple wire is what formed the cover
your bridge. [...] They were thy merchants in splendid clothes. "
- Ezekiel 27:2, 7, 24
One of the techniques used by the Hebrews to impregnate the wool of a purple color was to soak it in grape juice overnight, then sprinkle with powdered madder. We also got the purple dye from marine shells, murex. AA146
"And here are the clothes they make: a breastplate, and an ephod, a robe
sleeveless dress and a checkered cloth, a turban and a scarf;
they will make holy garments for Aaron your brother and his son,
that they may serve me as priest. And let them take the gold and blue,
the wool dyed reddish purple, the fabric dyed scarlet cochineal
and fine linen. "- Exodus 28:4-5
It should be noted here
the huge amount of
shells and necessary
its high cost.

For the Israelites
who were then
in the desert

it was certainly a
real contribution to

and an oblation '
- Exodus 25:1,4.
\ "\"
Cochin Hospital Paris
Under the arches of the cloister,
there are two statues.

One of them is a
large Jewish priest. On his forehead, a shiny plate
Pure Gold 'on which
engraved these words: "Holiness belongs to YHWH."

Note also the detail
the sleeveless coat
and the ephod.
Due to its expensive cost, the purple has become the symbol of royalty, dignity and wealth. In Rome, it is the symbol of power. The width of the purple band worn on the gown and the color more or less intense red clothes indicate social status of the wearer of the garment.

"As for Mordecai
went out from before the king,
with a royal robe of [stuff] and blue flax
with high
gold crown and a
coat of fine cloth,
yes wool dyed
reddish purple. "

Esther 8:15
see Esther 1:5-6

\ "\"
The Triumph of Mordecai

INV. 8219
Jean-François TROY 1739

A horse and coated
Royal coat,
Mordecai, who had once
saved Ahasuerus
\ 's fatal conspiracy
is conducted in triumph
by Aman enemy.
Imperial decrees stipulated that even the common people who dared to dress in the finest purple was guilty of the crime of treason. This may explain the action of soldiers clothed Jesus in a purple clothes.
"The soldiers platted
a crown of thorns and
put it on his head and
clothed with a garment
purple top, and
they approached him
and said, "Hello, King
Jews! "They went
also to give him a slap [...] So Jesus came out, wearing the crown of thorns
and the purple robe on. Pilate said to them: "Look! Man! "

- John 19:1-7
\ "\"
Christ before Pilate
RF 1997-20

Tadeusz Kuntz

Zielona Gora (Grünberg,
Silesia), 1732

Denon 1st floor room 21

There are two other occurrences of purple in the Bible.

The book of Acts and speaks of a "certain woman named Lydia, a seller of purple, of the city of Thyatira" (Acts 16:13-15) and the Apocalypse "a woman sitting on a beast of color Scarlet [...] clothed in purple and scarlet, and decked with gold and precious stones. And on her forehead was written a name of mystery: "Babylon the Great, the mother of harlots and unclean things of the earth. "- Revelation 17:3-5

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