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Louvre Bible
The Louvre is one of the largest museums in the world. The Bible belongs to the cultural heritage of humanity. Discover one another presents itself as an exciting company, but quickly becomes bumpy. What to read? What to see? What approach should be adopted? How to get around in this huge maze of objects and ideas?
\ "\"
Discover the Louvre with the Bible
Or ancient Babylon in early Christianity
Philippe Mattmann
Knowledge and Knowledge Publishing, 2010
This book is an invitation to travel, a trip to both distant and
near, between rivers of Babylon
and loops of the Seine.
By mail with a good command
Also available in Library and
The library of the Louvre

E - Book available soon (early 2013)
Discover the Louvre with the Bible proposes to help the visitor, novice or lit, offering him a trail lined nearly two hundred steps of reflection, from classic to less known.

The route follows the classic 'sense of visit' with a room by room move. It begins with the remarkable Department of Oriental Antiquities, continues with the often forgotten Egyptian antiquities, ending with that of Greek, Etruscan and Roman. The book was designed to accompany the visit. Each work is associated with a number box, and returns to its location on the map of the corresponding room.
More than a tour,
This course allows crossing
spaces and centuries and
meet country and men.
Hence the subtitle proposed 'of ancient Babylon in early Christianity. "
For these people in the past, we
everywhere coincidences
the most surprising in the rites,
popular festivals, traditions
and in relations with the gods.
These commonalities can find their biblical explanation in the dispersal of humans from Babylon.
\ "\"
Certainly a unique biblical journey that will help everyone to question his confidence in the Bible, and perhaps allow to discern how the historical reality than the legend of the pervasive influence of this ancient civilization. Very convenient for the visit, it \ 's also an updated summary of the following ouvages.
\ "\"
The Louvre Museum and the Bible
André Parrot
Delachaux & Niestlé 1957
André Parrot is the first to place,
monuments through the Louvre,
"The Bible in its own time."
This book Biblical Archaeology
already sought to illustrate and bring to life a "sacred history."
Contemporary events
the Bible says, a
number of works in the museum are there
to illustrate the biblical narrative.
Knowledge of the ancient world
in his life objects
daily and will help
to find the exact meaning of the text;
and avoid the exegetes and
more or less fanciful.
Died in Paris in 1980
the son of a pastor is the first
Director of the Louvre Museum.
Former Chief Curator
National Museums
Professor at the Ecole du Louvre
André Parrot was Head
the archaeological mission of Mari.
\ "\"
"The stones will cry out," Jesus once said. While there is a language of stones, but as noted by André Parrot, it is also appropriate to hear the witnesses that we have mentioned. They were the contemporary events that can not be ignored believers and agnostics, as they forever marked the history of mankind.
\ "\"
The Louvre and the Bible
Jacques Briend, Annie Caubet
Partick Pouysségur
Bayard, 2004
Jacques is a professor and Briend
Honorary Dean of the Catholic Institute
of Paris, and biblical scholar and archaeologist, museum curator Bible and Holy Land Paris.
Annie Caubet is conservative
General Eastern Antiquities
the Louvre.
Original presentation, selectively 45 museum objects. The authors tell the story of many voices of these objects, true cultural landmarks of Near Eastern civilizations and biblical.
But it is regrettable that the Bible is much questioned.
Secrets of the Bible
at the Louvre
Jean Louis Schlegel
Lili and Ait-Kaci,
Editions du Seuil, 2005
In the first part of this book
there is only a choice
Biblical stories that are
variously presented in
works proposed course of ten
the second part.
Details and interesting iconography.
There are many comments
the author, but few references
the biblical text.
\ "\"
\ "\"
The Louvre, Bible in hand
published by Jehovah's Witnesses,
in 1988, 2001 and 2006
On a very practical format
this little 30-page booklet accompanies the useful visit.
The route follows the 'meaning of the visit' designed by the museum's curators. The inventory numbers are used to identify objects.
Frequent reference to the biblical text
and Christian publications.

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