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Bible & Astronomy  

In ancient times, issues related to the cosmos haunted humans: What is the shape of the earth? On what is it based? What did the Bible on these issues? How does modern cosmology view the universe? According to the fixed model of Aristotle or simple but accurate statements of the Bible. Course in the rooms and in the text.
The Bible is not a book on astronomy. But every time she addresses this issue, she is so remarkable in what it said in what it does not say. Not once in its more than 1,100 chapters we find a design or a statement that is contrary to the facts discovered since the end of writing the biblical text. This is not the case of the old beliefs.

Dendera Zodiac D 38

Room AE 12a

In Egyptian mythology,
Nut is the goddess personifying the sky.
It is represented in
the guise of a woman with very elongated body bent over the earth.
It sometimes takes
the appearance of a giant cow.
On his belly are attached the stars.
Note here the women
wearing the sky
. AE9

How does modern cosmology view the universe?

The explanation was usually advanced so that objects or specific substances maintained the earth and other celestial bodies in suspension. According to ancient beliefs, the earth was surrounded by water and floating. Hindus imagined that the earth rested on several successive bases; first on four elephants, elephants on a giant turtle and tortoise on a gigantic snake coiled floating on the waters of the universe. Empedocles, Greek philosopher of the fifth century BC, believed, meanwhile, that the land was based on a vortex caused the displacement of celestial bodies. This imaginary design contrasts sharply with the simple but accurate statement expressed in the Bible.He stretches out the northern sky over empty space, Suspending the earth upon nothing” - Job 26: 7.

According to the fixed model of Aristotle or with the simple
but accurate statements of the Bible?

Atlas is mixed with the legend of the golden apples of the Hesperides: Heracles came to see him that he go pick
apples for him;
Atlas agreed on
the condition that Heracles support
the world in its place during this time.

Atlas did not want to take over the world, Heracles had to use
cunning. He told Atlas
which was not smart,
he had a bad back and that he needed help

Celestial globe on shoulders of Atlas 
OA 10869

Richelieu 1 room 23

In Greek mythology,
Atlas was called
"Portera Tera"
the earth. "

After the revolt of
the Titans against the gods of Olympus,
he was condemned
by Zeus to support
the world until someone wants to replace it.

"Suspending the earth upon nothing” - Job, 1500 BCE

What did the Bible on this issue? There are almost 3500 years old, she stated in terms could not be more clear that the earth is suspended "upon nothing" (Job 26: 7, the void, nothingness, Thompson, without support, Jerusalem). AA120 in the original Hebrew, the word translated here as "nothing" (Belimah) literally means "without nothing". Well ahead of its time, the Bible writer recorded yet scientifically accurate this statement: A planet suspended over the void.
Aristote MI 656     AA125
Juste de Gand Richelieu
2nd floor
The studio Urbino Room 6

While assuming the earth
spherical, Aristotle categorically denied that it could
be suspended in the void.
"Water either not naturally remains stationary in the air,
but it must be based on
something. "

According to his theory the sun
the moon and the stars were fixed
on the surface of transparent
and solid spheres.

Each sphere was nested within another, and the earth
stood motionless
at the center
. AA121

As the spheres turned into each other, they supported the bodies - the sun, moon and planets - moved in the sky. the Church has elevated to religious dogma conceptions of Aristotle. The admiration that surrounded earned its opinion to be admitted as a fact for about 2000 years.
In the model of the cosmos of Aristotle, the celestial spheres were frozen. Beyond Earth, the Universe was filled with crystalline spheres made ​​of an eternal substance ether.  
 Modern science
rendered obsolete
the model of Aristotle
How does modern cosmology view the universe? According to the fixed model of Aristotle or the simple but accurate statements of the Bible?

" Laws governing the heavens " - Book of Job, 1500 BCE

"Can you tie the ropes of the Ki′mah constellation Or untie the cords of the Ke′sil constellation? Can you lead out a constellation in its season Or guide the Ash constellation along with its sons? Do you know the laws governing the heavens, Or can you impose their authority on the earth?” (Job 38: 31-33). The constellation of Kima perhaps meant the Pleiades group and the Késil the constellation of Orion. The Bible writer knew nothing unseen forces that hold together the heavenly bodies. 3000 years after Job, Isaac Newton, with his theory of gravitation and Albert Einstein, confirm how the words of Job were much ahead of its time that the theories of the eminent Aristotle.
"Do you know the laws

Governing the heavens? »

Job 38:33
Diane near the corpse
of Orion
RF 1997-30   
Denon 1er étage Maratta salle 20
Diane, Orion had tried to seduce, killed him by sending a scorpion that stung the heel; for making this service, the scorpion was transformed into a constellation Orion suffered the same fate.

"The circle of the earth” - Book of Isaiah, 800 BCE

Long before Aristotle (384-322 BC), who believed that the stars were planted in the sky as nails, Genesis (1:6-8) spoke of the sky as an extended (Thompson, King James, NWT), vault (Bible of Peoples), ceiling (Chouraqui) or a firmament (Jerusalem Osty). This word comes from the denier Firmare Latin, which means give consistency, firmness, and make it strong. The Septuagint, not influenced cosmological ideas of their time, translated by stereoma, firmament, solid vault; none of that in the mouth of Moses: the Hebrew word raqia evokes the idea of extension or better expansion. The Bible has described the extent or atmosphere that is above us with the greatest accuracy.

For Aristotle
the stars were planted
in the sky as nails.

"And God called
the expanse Heaven. "

Genesis 1: 8 

The Hebrew word raqia Evokes the idea of extension or better expansion. "

For thousands of years the question of the shape of the earth has intrigued humans. The conventional wisdom in ancient times was that of a flat earth. The Babylonians, like the Egyptians believed that the universe was a box in the bottom of which was the earth. Lactantius, Christian apologist of the fourth century AD, was absurd the idea of ​​a round earth; under the concept of the antipodes of the dilemma. AA122

"Y does anyone foolish enough to believe that men walk upside down?
as plants and trees grow upside down? rain, snow and hail fall from the bottom up?
". But what did the Bible on this issue?
 “There is One
who dwells above

the circle (or sphere)
of the earth”

Isaiah 40:22

Eighth century BCE 
  "He stretches out
the north
the vacuum,
hangs the earth
on anything. »

- Job 26: 7.

Around 1500 BC

Bible & Astronomy 

Centuries before the Greek philosophers theorize a spherical earth and many thousands of years before humans only see the Earth from space, the Hebrew prophet Isaiah made ​​this remarkable statement simplicity "There is One who dwells above the circle (or sphere) of the earth," (Isaiah 40:22). The Hebrew word translated "circle"? Ough can also be rendered "sphère." Other translations say "the roundness of the earth" (Is. Michel) or "globe of the earth" (Crampon 1905, Zadok Kahn, Mucus, stuff).
This celestial globe is the oldest oriental example that displays the layout of the constellations. Classical Antiquity imagined the universe as an interlocking spheres with those of fixed stars were positioned immutably. Islam took these designs. This is not the case if the biblical writings. AE14
Sphère céleste      MAO 824
Iran, Isfahan ?    1145
Laiton coulé, décor gravé et incrusté d'argent
Richelieu Entresol salle 5 vit 2
   Détail >
The time of Galileo (who argued that the earth revolves around the sun), it is the Church, not the Bible that has hindered the scientific debate. Religious authorities gave a wrong interpretation of certain verses of the Bible. One of them reads: "The sun rises, and the sun sets;Then it hurries back to the place where it rises again.” (Ecclesiastes 1:5) . According to the Church, these terms meant that it is the sun, not the earth that moves. The Bible writer actually described the apparent movement of the sun seen from Earth. A second passage relied said: "He has established the earth on its foundations;It will not be moved from its place forever and ever. (Psalm 104: 5).

It was telling that text once created, the land could never move. In reality, it is the sustainability of the earth that we are dealing, no sound stillness. This text refers not to the relative motion of the earth and the sun.  

At Galileo's time, it is the Church, not the Bible that has hindered the scientific debate


 "In the beginning
God created
the heavens
the earth. "

  Not once in its more
than 1,100 chapters

the Bible mentions
  an unscientific assertion.
Scientific facts provided by astronomical approach the biblical account of the origin of the world. Certainly, the details differ, but we find the same basic elements as in the story of Genesis that through astronomy: in one case as in the other, the chain of events begins suddenly and sudden way in a particular time and is accompanied by a bright light emission and energy. A1106

The design of the origins of the universe is consistent at least with the Biblical claim that the material universe had a beginning."In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." - Genesis 1:1 A123
On these issues timeline synchronized by astronomical data, see the research of Gerard Gertoux:        


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