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Cybèle & Mother's Day

The date of Mother's Day varies from country to country, but the majority of them have chosen to celebrate in May.

What is the connection between the festival of Cybele and moms? No a priori, especially as this festival is currently disconnected from any religious implication. Yet it is "after the adoration of mother practiced in ancient Greece. The solemn worship of the mother, which included ceremonies in honor of Cybele or Rhea, the Great Mother of the Gods, was celebrated Ides of March throughout Asia Minor. AR21
Cybele seated on a throne  CA 1797

Sully 1 room 36 showcase 18 (5)

Cybele (gr: Kybele)
is the latin name  of a goddess from Phrygia, Asia Minor; it is known by the Greeks
under the name of Rhea.

Wife of the Titan Cronus, she was honored
in Rome as the Great Mother of the Gods.
She often sits on a seat flanked by lions.
His cult introduced in Rome
in its original form with its celibate clergy
was led by eunuch priests called corybantes.

A. Hislop traces  Babylon the origin
of the worship of this so generally
beloved mother. AR20
The first traces of celebration in honor of mothers are present in ancient Greece during spring ceremonies in honor of Rhea or Cybele. Roman religious festival celebrating the matrons March 1 at Matronalia. In the fifteenth century, the English celebrated the Mothering Sunday, first at the beginning of Lent and the fourth Sunday of spring.
In 1908, the United States developed the modern Mother's Day as we nowadays party, by introducing the Mother's Day in memory of the mother of Anna Jarvis teacher. This day was officially dedicated in 1914 by
President Woodrow Wilson.
great goddess of Phrygia,
known by the Greeks
under the name Rhea,
is called the Great Mother
or Mother of the Gods.
In France, the city of Lyon celebrates the day in 1918 Mother's tribute
to mothers and wives who lost
their son and husband during
the First World War. 

The Act of May 25, 1950
the date fixed in France
the party at the last
Sunday of May


Cybele is also called Mother of the Gods

In 1941, the Vichy regime entered Mother's Day to the calendar, in the context of the birth policy. Institution confirmed in 1950 by "the French Republic which officially celebrates each year in the French mothers during a day devoted to the celebration of the " Mother's Day ".
The Dolphin Birth   Inv 1776
Peter Paul Rubens
Richelieu 2nd floor Rubens
Medici Gallery Room 18
On a beautiful drapery background
red, meant to evoke the curtain
of the bed - as an honorary drapery
in princely portraits - the queen,
tired from the delivery but radiant,
is protected by Cybele
the mother of the gods
or Magna Mater,
while the Justice examines the child
(the future Louis XIII,
Louis told the Just)
maintained by the
engineering of Health.

On the left, Fertility with her cornucopia in which, by a clever shortcut, five children's heads refer to the offspring of the queen

Saturn removing Cybele
MR 2084
Thomas Regnaudin
Richelieu Court Pujet
One of the four groups of abduction
with Boreas and Oreithyia Marsy,
for the water parterre of the park
Versailles, such as the painter Charles
Le Brun had conceived in 1674.

The four major groups representing
the four elements, earth here, would have taken place in many figures, gathered in groups of four to represent the elements, the parts of the world, the hours of the day, the poems, the temperaments of the Man, the seasons.
The earth is represented
by the goddess Cybele,
accompanied by its symbolic lion removed by Saturn or Chronos,
to form the couple will be born
where the twelve gods of Olympus.

Directed by Regnaudin
from 1675 to 1687
this marble was placed in 1687
on the ground floor
the Orangerie at Versailles,
then brought in 1716
near the circular pool
Tuileries Gardens.

Although the Bible commands children to honor their parents (Ephesians 6: 1). But nowhere does it justify the celebration of a special celebration in honor of mothers.
Cybele or Rhea, the Great Mother of Gods, CA 1797, Cronos, Matronalia, Mothering Sunday, Mother s Day    


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