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St. George, St. Michael and the Dragon
The life of St. George, Christian martyr, is made of legends and traditions. Facts about St. Michael, or Michael the archangel, are real and from the biblical narrative. The scene most often represented in the Louvre is where they terrassent the dragon.
\ "\"
St. George fighting
with the Dragon Inv 609
Raffaello SANTI said RAPHAEL
Denon 1st floor
Grand Hall Room 5
Can be painted to
Duke \ 's Urbino, Guidobaldo da Montefeltro in 1503 - 1505,
probably shortly before another version of the same subject (Washington, National Gallery of Art).
It was very early associated with Petit Saint Michel (INV. 608) with which it was presented as a diptych in the collection of Mazarin before entering the collection of Louis XIV.
Saint George, celebrated April 23, is traditionally represented in armor on horseback, often white, with a dragon at his feet. He carries a spear - often broken - hand and a banner Argent a cross Gules (that is to say, white with a red cross), colors were those of the Crusaders and became those of the national flag England. AA115
Battle of St. George
against the dragon
RF 2381
Richelieu 2nd floor
Fifteenth century Room 7
This table was sometimes attributed to Hans Baldung Grien, to Hinrich Funhof and Master Hausbuch.
\ "\"

Saint George is the allegory of the victory of the Faith of the Demon

represented in the last book of the Bible or Apocalypse in the form of a dragon.

It is distinguished because of St. Michael the Archangel in the iconography is winged.

"One day, on his white horse, St. George through a town terrorized by a fearsome dragon that devours all the animals of the land and people requires a daily tribute of young men drawn. Georges comes the day when the fate falls the king's daughter, when she'll be a victim of the monster George agrees with the dragon hard battle,. with \ 'Christ's help and after a sign of the cross, he stabs his spear Princess. is issued and the Dragon follows up like a faithful dog \ 'to the city. Residents of the city have agreed to convert to Christianity and be baptized, George kills the dragon \' s a scimitar. "
Fighting the Dragon
or Perseus freeing Andromeda
RF 1396
Eugene Delacroix 1847
Sully 2nd floor
Room 72
\ "\"
The battle of St. George and the dragon can be seen as a Christian version of the myth of Perseus delivering the princess Andromeda killing the sea monster which it was offered as a sacrifice for that \ 'he continues to ravage the country. Ch Egyptologist Desroches Noblecourt AA116 also suggested a likely this Egyptian legend, showing the important role played by the Romans in the transmission and processing of images and original themes. The transformation continued. The first African slaves mixed their rites to those of Brazilian Catholicism. Thus in voodoo worship Ogun, the god of war, has become St. George ...
\ "\"
Horus jumper E 4850
Coptic Art Gallery Room B
The Egyptian heritage
and Greco-Roman are
harmoniously united
this transition image Copt
reminiscent of St. George spearing
the dragon.
In this sculpture, the god Horus, recognizable by his falcon head,
dressed as a legionnaire, terrace here not
more hippo but the Nile crocodile, symbol of evil.
Michael is the only holy angel, except Gabriel named in the Bible and one called "archangel." The first mention of this name appears in the book of Daniel (10:13), where Michael is described as "one of the leading princes." Jude 9 says that "Michael the archangel had a difference with the Devil and was disputing about the body of Moses."
\ "\"
Saint Michael slaying the devil
said Le Grand Saint Michel
610 Inv
Raffaello SANTI said RAPHAEL
Denon 1st floor
Grand Hall Room 8

Commissioned in 1518 by Pope
Leo X \ 's intention of Francis I,
to whom it was offered a few months
later by the nephew of the pope,
Lorenzo de \ 'Medici, in
diplomatic exchanges
sealed them \ 's recent alliance with the King of France with the Papacy.
The theme of \ 'Archangel Michael slaying the demon is flattery
\ 's against \' s Order of St. Michael,
whose king was Grand Master and
that \ 's existence was the pledge
\ 's Union and France \' s Church, renewed this date
fight against the Turks.
"There was war in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon. The dragon fought, and his angels [...] He was cast, the great dragon, that old serpent, called the Devil and Satan, [...] on the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. "
Apocalypse 12: 7-9 KJV Bible to the Dove
Michael or Mikael
"Who is like God? "
\ "\"
Saint Michael slaying the devil
said the Little Saint Michel
Inv 608
Raffaello SANTI said RAPHAEL
Denon 1st floor
Grand Hall Room 5

Can be painted for the Duke \ 's Urbino, Guidobaldo da Montefeltro,

to 1503 - 1505,
along the St. George and the Dragon (INV. 609)
which he remained associated.
The testimony of the Scriptures indicates that Mikael was the name of the Son of God before he left heaven to become Jesus Christ and he was also after his return. Only Michael is called "archangel", a word which means "chief angel 'or' principal angel." This term does not exist in the singular in the Bible. This suggests that God did not appoint a single head of the angelic host.

In resuming his heavenly name, Michael, and his title (or name) "The Word of God" (Revelation 7:13 p.m.), Jesus establishes the link with his prehuman existence. The very name Michael, asking the question "Who is like God? "Shows that God is without equal and his archangel Michael is his great Champion or Defender.

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