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Scenes from the Life of Abraham
This is the ancestor of powerful nations, a prophet, a businessman and a leader. The Bible also calls Abraham "the father of all those who have faith." - Genesis 15:6, Romans 4:11.
Course in the Louvre and in the texts of some scenes from the life of Abraham. The quotes are from the Bible in current French.
A fugitive came to announce the news to Abram \ 's Hebrew that \' s was installed oaks \ 's Amorite Mamre. Mamre was \ 's and Èchekol \' s brother Aner, all of whom were allied \ 's Abram. When Abram heard that his nephew had been captured, he mobilized his supporters, the three hundred and eighteen men of his clan, and began to pursue the \ enemy until \ 'Dan. Abram divided his servants into groups and attacked at night. He defeated kings and went up \ 's Hoba, north of Damascus. He got all the loot, and his nephew Lot and his goods, women and other prisonniers.Quand Abram returned after his victory over Chedorlaomer and the kings his allies, the king of Sodom came out to meet him in the Valley Romanies, it \ 's to say Roi.Melkisédec Valley, who was king of Salem and priest of God Most High, brought out bread and wine. He blessed Abram, saying, "Blessed be Abram by God Most High, Who created the heavens and the earth! Thank you to God Most High, who has delivered your enemies into your hand! "Then Abram gave him a tenth of all the booty. The king of Sodom said to Abram, "Give me the people and keep the property. "- Genesis 14:18-21
\ "\"
Encounter \ 's Abraham and Melchizedek
MI 963
Peter Paul Rubens
Outline for \ a
ceilings \ 's church
Jesuits in Antwerp
painted in 1620/1621
and destroyed in
a fire in 1718.
Encounter \ 's Abraham and Melchizedek inv 238
Giovanni Benedetto CASTIGLIONE
About 1655
The subject is taken from biblical
Genesis (14, 18-20): back
the land of Canaan after defeating
the "four kings"
Abraham was met by Melchizedek,
King of Salem and high priest of God,
who brought him bread and wine.
\ "\"
The Lord appeared to Abraham by the oaks of Mamre. Abraham was sitting at the \ 'entrance of his tent \' s the hottest hours of the day. Suddenly he saw three men standing near him. \ 'S entrance to the tent, he ran to meet them and \' s bent up \ down. He told the \ a \ 's it, "I \' t please, do me the favor \ 't stop at me. "[...] So Abraham returned in haste into the tent to Sarah and said," Quick! Take that \ 'must be of fine flour and make three cakes. "Then he ran to the herd and chose a tender fatted calf. He gave it to his servant, who hurried to préparer.Quand meat was ready, Abraham stood before his visitors with sour milk and fresh milk. They ate while that \ 'Abraham stood near \' them under the \ tree. They asked him: "Where is your wife Sarah? "-" In the tent, "he said. L \ 'one of the visitors said: "I return to you \' s next year at the same time, and your wife Sarah will have a son. "- Genesis 18:1-10
\ "\"
Abraham receives the three angels
RF 1964-8
Gerard de Liège LAIRESSE, 1641
Basically, Sarah, the old wife
d \ 'Abraham, who will soon have a
son despite his advanced age.
The angels are represented without wings,
d \ 'a purely secular way.
Refined based coloring amortized tones, pink, brown, orange and noble forms recalling the ancient bas-reliefs are typical of the neo-baroque classicist
d \ 'Franco-Liege mind
Abraham and Sarah \ 's Angel

RF 1989-35

The panel is fragmentary since missing two of the three angels came to announce the birth of \ a son in old Abraham and Sarah, his wife incredulously.

It is unknown what his destination \ 's it belonged to an altarpiece.

Full and wide physiognomic types narrative and expressive tone and \ descriptive attention in the decorative elements are characteristic of the style of Provost and allow dating to 1520.

\ "\"
"One day Ishmael \ 's child \' s Egyptian Hagar was given to Abraham, was playing Sara saw him and said to Abraham." Cast out this slave woman and her son This shall not inherit with. . my son Isaac "These words made ​​it very difficult to Abraham, because that \ 'Ishmael was also his son But God said to him.." Do not be upset about your slave and child Agrees to do everything Sara \ 't said. Indeed, it \' s through Isaac that descendants get I \ 't have promised. As the son of thy handmaid, I will also arise from his nation, because he is your son . "Early the next morning Abraham took bread and a bottle filled with \ water and gave them to Hagar, put it \ 's child on the back and sent her away. She went wandering in the desert Berchéba. When n \ 'There was more \' water \ 's addition, she abandoned the \ child under a shrub and then she went \' s sit \ 's away, the distance d \ a jet boom because she said: "I do not want to see my child die." She \ 's so sat \' s away and she began to cry heard God \ 's child screaming and the sky \' s angel of God. called to Hagar: "What \ '? have you, Hagar he asked N \.' not fear God heard \ 's child screaming Take your son standing there and hold it d \..! a farm hand, for I will be born of him a great nation. "God opened the eyes of \ 'Hagar and she saw a well. fill She went there \' s also and gave drink to his son." - Genesis 21:9-19
\ "\"
Agar and \ 'angel
RF 1997-35
Giuseppe Bartolomeo Chiari
About 1705
Replica \ 'a large canvas
oval formerly in the collection
the Marquis Niccolò Maria Pallavicini
The biblical subject is taken from the
(Genesis 21, 9-19):
Mother \ 's an illegitimate child \' Abraham
Agar was driven by the latter with
Ishmael his son;
so that \ 'they were threatened with death
of thirst in the desert, an angel pointed to a source Agar.
"Arriving today \ 's close to the well, I \' ve made ​​this prayer." Lord, God of my master Abraham, wants to succeed the trip that I \ 've begun Now that I am close to the well, I will ask a girl that will draw from to make me drink a little \ 'water from his jug If she answers me. "" Wood, I \' t beg, and I will also draw for thy camels' " I know it \ 'is the woman that you intended for the son of my master "Before I \'.'ve finished talking to myself, Rebekah came, on the pitcher \ 's shoulder, she went down to well and she drew \ 's. water I asked him: "Give me a drink, s \' Please." She quickly lowered her pitcher from her shoulder and m \ 'said: "Wood then I will also drink the camels' I \ 've drunk and she made ​​the camels drink When I asked her who she was the daughter, she m \.' replied. "I am the daughter of Bethuel and . the granddaughter of Nahor and Milcah "I \ 've then put \' s ring on her nose and the bracelets on his wrists I bowed deeply to worship the Lord, the God of my master Abraham. I l \ 've thanked \' m driving without incident at the niece of my master. well I can take it back to my master's son. " Genesis 24:45-47
\ "\"
Rebecca receiving hands
d \ 'Eliezer these \' s Abraham
RF 1977-15
François BOUCHER
H. : 0.46 m. , L. 0.37 m.
Formerly attributed to Tiepolo or
Pellegrini, this sketch for a
Table of Museum of Fine Arts
belongs to scenes from the life
Patriarchs \ 's Old Testament performed by Boucher
before his departure for the \ Italy
in 1727.
"Abraham on his son Isaac wood sacrifice himself wore embers fire and a knife While that \ 'they went both of them together, Isaac \' s sent to his father, Abraham.." My father! "he said latter replied:.?" Yes, I \ 't. listening, my child "-" We have the fire and the wood, said Isaac, but that \' s the lamb for the sacrifice, "Abraham answered. ". My son, God will provide himself the \ lamb" They continued their journey both ensemble.Quand they reached the place God had told him, Abraham built an altar there and laid the wood Then he bound Isaac his son and laid him on the \ angel of the Lord \ 's called out' altar, upon the wood Then he held out his hand and took the knife to slay his son, but the sky l \. '.: "! Abraham, Abraham" - Yes, "said Abraham, I \ 't listen." L \' angel commanded him: "Be not hand over the child \ ', do not do him any harm Now I know you. respected \ 's authority of God, since you have not withheld him your son, your only son. "Looking up, Abraham saw a ram caught by its horns in a bush. He went and take \' s offered in sacrifice . instead of his son Abraham named that place "The Lord will watch it," That \ 's why we say again today \' s "On the mountain the Lord will watch it" "- Genesis 22:6-14..
\ "\"
The sacrifice \ 'Isaac by Abraham
MI 962
Peter Paul Rubens
Siegen (Westphalia), 1577
- Antwerp, 1640
Sacrifice \ 's Abraham>
inv 188

Annibale Carracci
To 1599 - 1600

This copper is \ 's one of the first landscapes painted in Rome

Annibale Carracci, where the drama

the imminent biblical subject is echoed in the surrounding landscape.

\ "\"
the "father of all those
who have faith. "
Romans 4:11.
Abraham's faith in the resurrection was a solid foundation, because Sara and himself had experienced a miraculous revival of their reproductive powers, awakening a sense comparable to a resurrection, which allowed the family line of Abraham to perpetuate Sara. The birth of Isaac was subsequent to this miracle. When he was asked to provide her son, Abraham believed that God would raise him. He based this belief on the promise of God: "It is through Isaac that means it will come to be called your seed. "- Genesis 21: 12
"Thus says the Lord: Because thou hast done this, you didn \ 'have not withheld your son, your only son, also true that I am God, I swear to bless you abundantly making your descendants as numerous the stars in the sky or the grains of sand in the sea Your descendants \ 's seize the cities of their enemies. Through them, I will bless all the nations of the earth, because thou hast obeyed my orders. " - Genesis 22:15-17
The fulfillment of these promises has an impact on the eternal future of humanity, because God assured Abraham: "By means of your seed will certainly bless all the nations of the earth, because thou hast obeyed my voice. "- Genesis 10:18 p.m..

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