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King David
songwriter, performer
King David has spent much of his youth to watch the flocks of his father in the fields around Bethlehem. This pastoral life inspired her vibrant singing in praise of the Creator. Many of his compositions are now in the book of Psalms.
\ "\"
The Triumph of David inv 592

Matteo ROSSELLI 1630
Denon 1st floor
Salvator Rosa Room 13
The biblical subject (First Book of Samuel, 18, ​​6-7) shows the triumph of David after his victory over the giant Goliath of the musicians then celebrate that \ 'he returned triumphantly to Jerusalem
The name of the book is taken from the Septuagint uses the word Psalmoï, which refers to songs sung with musical accompaniment AA111. In the Hebrew Bible, the book is called Sefer Tehillim, which means "Book of praise" AA112. Henri Meschonnic offers on him the title Glories. AA113
The Triumph of David
RF 1990-29

About 1615
Bartolomeo MANFREDI
Denon 1st floor
Grand Hall Room 8

Taken from the biblical story of
First Book of Samuel (18, 6-7):
the subject shows the triumph of David after his victory over the giant Goliath.
Accompanied \ a musician
that the party waving a sistrum
he returned triumphantly to Jerusalem.
\ "\"
This is the time when he was a shepherd that David has developed his musical talents, which earned him to be invited to play the harp for King Saul (Prov. 22: 29, 1 Samuel 16: 23) . David will be remembered as a harpist and composer of song emeritus. He was also reputed to have developed new musical instruments. - 2 Chronicles 7:6, 29:26, Amos 6:5.
With his love for God, the words of David raised his compositions well above the level of mere entertainment, he made classical masterpieces dedicated to the worship and praise of the Creator. With the address of not less than 73 psalms indicate that David wrote, but it also gives him more. Some, like the Psalms 8, 19, 23 and 29, most likely reflect that David lived when he was a shepherd.
"Who improvise the sound of the stringed instrument;
who, like David,
invented for them instruments for singing "
Amos 6:5
Tehilîms, Praise.
"Word splendid word filled with some emotional content, well done to designate all oriented poems in praise of YHWH." Chouraqui
Once king of Israel, David introduced music to the temple. More than a tenth of the Levites activity were praising God (1 Chronicles 23:5, 25:7). When the ark of the covenant was brought to Jerusalem, "David said to the chiefs of the Levites to implement their brothers the singers, with instruments of song, strings, harps and cymbals they had to play with force to sounding happy sounds. "1 Chronicles 3:16 p.m..
Why was granted to music an important place in worship? The reason was revealed centuries later, when King Hezekiah restored the services to be performed at the temple. "He then put the Levites in the house of the LORD with cymbals, lyres and harps as prescribed by David [...] the order had indeed God through His prophets. "(2 Chronicles 29: 25, Jerusalem). Under the reign of Solomon, the music retains a special place in the worship space. The brass section of the orchestra alone had no less than 120 trumpets. - 2 Chronicles 5:12.
\ "\"
Binding Plate:
David dictating the Psalms
MR 373
late tenth - eleventh century

Comes from the treasure \ 's Abbey

Richelieu 1st floor
Suger living room 2 8
"All the wonders of
Greek civilization
taken together are
less wonderful
than is the simple
Book of Psalms. "
William Gladstone

Former Prime
British Minister

Binding plates of
Psalter Dagulf
MR 370

Richelieu 1st floor living room 1 of 5

Left: David ordered the writing and singing psalms.

Right: Jerome gets \ 's order of the Pope to write the Psalms, then dictates the Psalter. The ivory decorated binding of \ order of Charlemagne to Pope Hadrian 'written on the \ Psalter'.
\ "\"
Jesus Christ loved the Psalms. These sacred songs were so much a part of his thoughts that his last words were quotes from Psalms (22: 2, 31:6, Matthew 27:46, Luke 23:46). And on the road to Emmaus, he said to his disciples: "There must be fulfilled all that is written about me in the Law of Moses, the Prophets and the Psalms." Some texts are messianic and refer to Jesus. He "interpreted to them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself. "- Luke 24:44,27.
"It must be fulfilled while
what is written about me in the
Law of Moses, the Prophets
and the Psalms. "
Luke 24:44
"Continue to warn you
each other by
Psalms "

Colossians 3:16

The music also had its place in the worship practiced by the early Christians. While they gathered he seems in private homes, the apostle Paul urged his companions' s warn one another in psalms of praise to God, spiritual songs accompanied charming. " - Colossians 3:16
Everywhere the greatest writers of Marot Claudel Sterrnhold Carlyle or Milosz were literally fascinated by the Psalms. Especially the songs of David, the songwriter who feared God, have stood the test of time: more than 3000 years after his death, millions of people draw comfort from the Psalms.

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