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The Assumption
Revealed dogma or bold assertion?
Truth solemnly established by the Catholic Church, the Assumption of Mary or removal, was for centuries the subject of controversy and heated discussions. According to recent dogma (1950), "the Immaculate Mother of God, Mary ever virgin, having completed the course of her earthly life, was assumed body and soul into heavenly glory. "So dogma revealed by God, or bold assertion?
\ "\"
L \ 'Assumption of the Virgin

MI 333
2nd floor Flanders Room XVII 19

Painted around 1629 - 1630
for \ 'convent church
Carmelite suburb
Saint-Jacques in Paris.
Implementation of the first period
\ 's artist, yet Flemish \' s mind.
Before the Revolution.
Located in Notre-Dame de Paris
from 1811 to 1862

Don chapter of Notre-Dame de Paris, 1862
Artistic representations of the Assumption multiply by 15 th century. Some fine examples of paintings are on display at the Louvre.
L \ 'Assumption of the Virgin 1983-86 RF

VINCENT 1771 FA Sully 2nd floor room 51
Early work of Vincent, this is a preparatory sketch for a painting in the nineteenth century \ 's Church of St. John the Baptist in Arras which was probably destroyed during the First World War.
The Assumption of the Virgin 7284 inv
Nicolas Poussin Sully 2 nd Room 26
Painted around 1650 for Henry d'Etampes-Valençay, Ambassador of France in Rome
\ "\"\ "\"
\ "\"\ "\"
L \ 'Assumption of the Virgin INV 20022

G. Piazzetta 1735 Denon 1st Floor Room 14
Commissioned by the Elector of Cologne, Duke of Bavaria and grand master \ 's Teutonic Order, Clemens August of Bavaria, for the altar \' s Church of Sachsenhausen near Frankfurt (Germany). This painting was exhibited with great success in Venice after its completion.
L \ 'Assumption of the Virgin MI 317
Laurent LA 1635 HYRE
Sully 2nd floor room 19

Painted for the altar of the \ church of the Capuchin convent in the Rue Saint-Honore in Paris. In the upper part of the altarpiece included a Christ in Glory (disappeared).
There is "no direct mention of the Assumption in the Bible" AA90. In 13 th century Thomas Aquinas recognized that "it is impossible to make a dogma of the Assumption as the Scriptures do not teach. "We found no trace of celebrations or worship in his honor before the third century. AA91

The belief in the Assumption

not based on a scriptural basis or on a specific text

early days of the Church.

This doctrine is a theological dilemma
thorny. Mary is really dead before
his alleged ascension? It would be difficult
give him to have escaped death,
privilege even Christ did not.
And if she is dead, then why?
Because it is the punishment of original sin,
which Mary was preserved, according to
doctrine of the Immaculate Conception.
"Scripture does not directly teach
the Immaculate Conception. The early Fathers
the Church considered Mary as holy,
but not absolutely sinless. "AA93

"Scripture does not directly teach the Immaculate Conception.

(...) The early Church Fathers saw Mary as a saint, but not entirely without sin. "

The text of Luke 1:28 is the basis for this assertion. "Hail, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. You are blessed among women, and the fruit of your womb is blessed. "(Maredsous, Bible peoples). But the interpretation ignores the fact that the Greek term is not explicit. Other versions put 'full of grace' (Jerusalem, Osty), the object of the divine favor '(Crampon-Tricot),' the Lord grant you his favor '(Living Word) or "highly favored" (TMN ).
The Annunciation inv 521
Guido RENI
Denon 1 Grand Hall Room 12
Commissioned by Queen Marie de Medici
around 1624, the painting was offered
the Carmelite convent
the Rue Saint-Jacques.
For the Cavalier Bernini, is "one of
most beautiful things imaginable,
and worth half of Paris. "
\ "\"
See also
The RF 1987-13 Annunciation circa 1620
Giulio Procaccini Denon 1 Salvator Rosa
Room 13
Woman of faith but imperfect, Marie also needed redemption. A fter the birth of her first child, Mary offered a sacrifice for sin (Leviticus 12:1-8, Luke 2: 22-24). In addition, "Virginity after childbirth is not taught in the NT. "AA92 It can not therefore be considered as an intercessor with God. - John 14:6,14.
Hyphen between Christianity and ancient religions of mother goddesses, Mary is certainly one of the most powerful religious symbols in the history of the West. But that Marian devotion is inconsistent with the original Christianity. AA94

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