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Apocrypha: Tobit, Judith and Susanna
God or men?
The Apocrypha today designate additional writings were added to the canon of the Bible by the Roman Catholic Church at the Council of Trent (1546). Catholic writers call these AA55 deuterocanonical books, which means "second canon" or "canon later", thus distinguishing books protocanonical But what is their real author:. God or men?
Three of these stories, Tobit, Judith and Susanna are illustrated by works of the Museum. Course in these rooms, and in the texts, trying to find the answer.
The Book of Tobit was written in Aramaic to the II th century BC. NS Regarded by Catholics as a history book, it is after Esther and Judith, while the manuscripts of the Greek tradition of the Bible (Vaticanus, Alexandrinus) classifies it as a book of Wisdom. Tobit praised the piety family, marriage and love. It takes place over four centuries, the schism between the kingdoms of Israel and Judah in 931 av.n.è until the fall of Nineveh in 614 av.n.è.
\ "\"
The young Tobias helped \ 's archangel Raphael, gives sight to his old father Tobit
inv 1335
January SANDERS van Hemessen

Hemiksen (near \ Antwerp)
about 1500
2nd floor
Netherlands Room 11
Behind Tobit, Anne, his wife, and left, Sarah, the wife of Tobias. Beautiful example of \ a vigorous and original painting \ 's history, half-realistic, half-heroic, which makes it so endearing to expressively sculptural and declamatory way Hemessen beyond even Italianisms the Renaissance.
This book tells the story of a pious Jew of the tribe of Naphtali who was deported to Nineveh and who goes blind after receiving the bird droppings in the eye. He sends his son, Tobias, in Media, to recover money owed to him, Tobias led to Ecbatana by the archangel Raphael, who pretends to be a man, acquired the heart, liver and gall of a fish. He meets a widow who remained a virgin although she had seven husbands, because each of them was killed on the wedding night by Asmodeus, an evil spirit. On the advice of the angel Tobias marries the virgin widow burning the heart and liver of the fish, it keeps the devil. When he returned home, he makes for his father with the gall of the fish.

This story is pure fiction.
Besides its imaginary nature and the loans he made to superstition, it contains errors.

The Book of Tobit was written in Aramaic to the II th century BCE

Archangel Raphael Leaving the Family of Tobias
inv 1736

REMBRANDT Harmensz. van Rijn Amsterdam, 1669
Richelieu 2nd Floor Room 31

One of the most beautiful baroque style assertions in
\ 's work of Rembrandt.
\ "\"
Directed by Rembrandt in the context of the New Jerusalem in Amsterdam, the table highlights the knowledge
and taste of the painter of biblical texts.
The pious Tobit deported to Nineveh, blind request to die. The artist chose to represent the epilogue of this story.
He has not forgotten the dog follows his master everywhere ...
This story is pure fiction. Besides its imaginary nature and the loans he made to superstition, it contains errors.
For example, the story says that Tobit witnessed revolt
of the northern tribes and the deportation of Jews to Nineveh. Now, 257 years separate these two events in the history of Israel. Yet, the story says that Tobit was 112 years old when he died. - Tobit 1:4, 11, 14:1

The Book of Tobit

also contains surprising

episodes of witchcraft.

This book also contains some surprising episodes of witchcraft (Tobit 6:5-9, 8:2-3, 11:8-15). If the Talmud and the Koran give way to superstition and fear, the Bible is remarkably different from other writings of ancient peoples by the fact that whenever she speaks of supernatural powers and magical arts, c is to condemn.
The Book of Judith tells how beautiful and still young widow Judith removes the threat of invasion by decapitating the Assyrian general Holofernes enemy, and at the same time restores faith in the saving power of God. However, it contains historical and geographical inconsistencies. This pious and patriotic novel is generally considered also as a pure fiction.
\ "\"
Judith holding
the head of \ 'Holofernes it \' comes to decapitate
RF 2123
January MASSYS, son of Quentin Massys
Antwerp, 1543
Flawless smooth to
and typical cold
son of Massys
\ "\"
in rival
Plate: Judith and Holofernes R 274
Pierre Reymond
Richelieu 1st floor living room 20 4
The term "canon" means the catalog of books clearly inspired by God. There are 66 books
are commonly accepted as canonical and are therefore an integral part of the Bible.
Who made the barrel?
It was argued that the barrel (including the NT) was established as the church held temporal power. It would be more accurate to say that it has approved the list of books that Christians had always accepted as the indisputable word of God. AA53
One of the miraculous gifts given to the original congregation was "discernment of inspired utterances" (1 Corinthians 12: 4,10). This uncanny ability to differentiate between inspired words of God or not has set very early in the biblical canon. Oskar Sharsaune, professor of church history, "This is the Church of the martyrs, and not the Church of the powerful, who gave us the New Testament." AA54
"Now there are diversities of gifts [...] The manifestation of the spirit
each is given a useful purpose. For example an
is given by \ 's spirit the word of wisdom [...]
to another the discernment of inspired utterances "
1 Corinthians 12:4,10
It is the Church of the martyrs,
and not the Church of the powerful,
that gave us the New Testament.
The story of Susanna and the Elders is the 13th chapter of the apocryphal book of Daniel in the Vulgate. Suzanne surprise when she takes a bath, refuses the advances of two old men, who then accused of adultery and sentenced to death are. Occurs the young prophet Daniel that reveals the plot. The old die, Suzanne is spared, and Daniel became famous. If this really happened, why the story he appears in Greek - as the other two additions - while the book itself was written in Hebrew and Aramaic?
\ "\"
L \ 'Innocence Suzanne recognized inv 8245
Valentin de Boulogne, told THE VALENTINE
Coulsdon (Seine-et-Marne)

About 1625
The French 2nd floor room 11 Caravagesques
\ "\"
Susanna and the elders RF 1983-67
Giambattista PITTONI
Venice, 1687
Denon 1st Floor Room 24
The chaste Suzanne is surprised in her bath by two old men whose advances she rejects, l \ 'a \' s they offered him a scholarship and parts shine in his right hand. Perhaps a sketch for a large painting unexecuted or disappeared.
The world of Paul's day was full of such stories.
The apostle also recommends that Christians "not to pay attention to fables" (1 Timothy 1:4). Or: "These fables (secular Jerusalem) who attempt that is holy and which are old wives tales, refuses them. "(1 Timothy 4:7). And Titus, he wrote that faithful Christians should not "pay attention to Jewish myths or to commandments of men who turn away from the truth AA56" (Titus 1:14). Used the term comes from the Greek word mythos (\ myth \ ') which means "a story (religious) that has nothing to do with reality." AA57
These apocryphal stories therefore have nothing to do with "the standard of sound words" (Jerusalem), and is not a model of healthy words. - 2 Timothy 1:13

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