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L \ 'Egypt in the Bible
Some exact details of the biblical narrative
Keywords: Pharaoh necklace \ 's gold, cotton, horses, grapes, grain, Memphis
The Bible mentions more than 700 times the \ Egypt and its people. It \ 's on the ground that \' Moses was born, the editor of the first five books of the Bible. Some works of the Department of Egyptian Antiquities confirm \ 's historic and prophetic accuracy of the biblical narrative.
Some examples include the social, political and commercial life. L \ 'historical accuracy is reflected in the details of customs, conventions, names and titles of officials.
\ "\"
Great Sphinx to the lines of King Amenemhat II A 23
Sully room 1
The Great Sphinx, be monstrous body of a lion and head of a king, was found at Tanis, the Greek name Soan mentioned in Numbers 1:22 p.m..

The name of the Pharaoh Shishak 1 (Shishak) appears on the left shoulder AE1.
The king of Egypt is mentioned seven times in the Bible. It is to him that Jeroboam fled to escape the wrath of King Solomon. - 1 Kings 11:40.
It \ 's the Bible that first made ​​us know the name of Pharaoh. This word means "big house". Served by extending its use to designate the sovereign who resides in the Palace, still current and comparable to identify "The White House", "The Elysee." The first document where the title Pharaoh is juxtaposed with the proper name of the king during the reign of Shishak, contemporary of Solomon. In the Bible, we find the same juxtaposition in the case of Pharaoh Necho (2 Kings 11:29 p.m.) and Pharaohhophra (Jeremiah 44:30). AA46
\ "\"
King Taharqa E 25276
Sully 1 room 29
The pharaoh is presented prostrate before Horus which he claimed to be the incarnation. This is one of the last 'black pharaohs' of the Nubian dynasty, which between 713 and 656 BC, ruled Egypt.
This sovereign Ethiopian is generally equated with Tirhaqa AE62 the text of Isaiah 37:9. See also 2 Kings 19:9.
The narrative of the main events of the life of Joseph offers an array of Egypt, which is undeniably true. His inauguration as viceroy of Egypt following the procedure described by the Egyptian inscriptions and murals.
Pharaoh calls here gold necklaces
its chief harem.
This scene illustrates the reward
Joseph made ​​AA52 when Pharaoh
"Put a gold chain around his neck. "
Genesis 41:42.
Hormin rewarded by Seti I   
C 213
Sully room 27 showcase 2
\ "\"
In \ 's ancient Hebrews beards AA47. The writer of Genesis tells us that though, before appearing before Pharaoh, Joseph \ 's shaved. (-V--/v- Genesis 41:14). Likely to meet the custom of facial hair denoted dirtiness.
The Egyptians put in effect a point \ honor to be clean shaven AA48. Were found in tombs necessary toilet made ​​of razors (such as those presented here), tweezers and mirrors.
\ "\"\ "\"
\ "\"
Shavers N 2118 and N 2129 Mirrors

Most date from the New Kingdom (1550 - 1069 BC), but some may go back to the Middle Kingdom (2033 - 1710 BC). The copper metal disc reflected light when \ it was new and well polished.
Sully Ground floor Adornment Room 9
Found in the Bible specific details about the trade tanks and horses that Solomon practiced with the Egyptians and the Hittites. The prophet Jeremiah says that \ a tank cost "six hundred pieces \ silver, and a horse [...] hundred and fifty," according to 1 Kings 10:29.
\ "\"
Two-horse chariot E 27723

originate \ 's Hermopolis

Sully 1st floor
The New Empire Room 26
\ "\"
Horse Husbandry E 12969

limestone ostraca
Sully Ground floor
Room 5 1 lives
L \ 'Greek historian Herodotus and archaeological discoveries confirm \' s first \ 's life \' s an active trade of horses and chariots during the reign of Solomon. WF Albright says "D \ 'ordinary four horses [...] s \' exchanged against an Egyptian chariot" report values ​​corresponding to \ Biblical indication. AA49

This ivory painted confirms the presence of grape in Egypt. AA50

The Bible even speaks of official cupbearer (Genesis 40:9-23).

The wine industry received a huge blow when God "began to kill their vine" by a plague of hail. - Psalm 78:47.

\ "\"
A royal child gather grapes
E 14374
Sully 1 room 25 window 3
E 14712

Seventh - the fourth century BC
(26th-30th dynasty)


Under a vine arbor
two women pick carefully
the grapes, brought to the press
another where the trampling.
â© Musée du Louvre / C. Décamps
\ "\"
\ "\"
Grenier E 283
4 room window 11
The scribe has paid the amount of grain in the silo.
This model illustrates the "grain stores" mentioned in Genesis when the famine in Egypt in the time of Joseph (Genesis 41:33-44).
Details a testimony to the prophetic accuracy of the Bible.
The prophet Jeremiah and announced well in advance of the desolation of Egyptian cities Memphis and Thebes. God had thus predicted: "Memphis [Memphis] become an object of astonishment, and will indeed be on fire, so it will be no inhabitant. "- Jeremiah 46: 19.
\ "\"
The Apis bull N 390
Sully room 19
During his lifetime, the Apis bull
was kept in Memphis
worshiped as the incarnation
the god Osiris.
This is what happened. Louis Golding AA51 reports that the colossal ruins of Memphis were looted by the Arab conquerors, who used it as a career. Scientists Bonaparte found only ruins scattered and it will be the first surveys and excavations of the nineteenth century and the work \ 's scope of Flinders Petrie, to identify the remains of \' s ancient capital \ 's Egypt and his make some of its former glory.
Memphis and its region since 1979 are registered on the list of World Heritage \ UNESCO.
Thus, even in details, there is a historical and prophetic accuracy of the Bible.
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