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The Pandemonium

Painting by John Martin

\ "\"
RF Pandemonium 21, 2006

H. : 1.23 m. , L. : 1.85 m.

Haydon Bridge, 1789
London, 1854
Denon 1st floor
Room 32
The table retains its original frame designed by John Martin himself.
It represents the Pandemonium, the palace of demons.
This table shows
an episode of Lost Heaven
the English poet
John Milton (1608-1674), AA19
for \ 'illustration
which John Martin
created 48 prints
between 1823 and 1827.
In the foreground,
Satan urges \ 's army of rebel angels.
\ "\"
All parties Christianized Halloween 'Eve All Saints', is probably the one in which' the prince of demons "(Luke 11:15) also honors openly.
The term Satan (the Opponent, hasSatan) appears for the first time in the book of Job (Job 1:6). Myriads of angels [described] in general meeting, forming a joyful chorus (Hebrews 24:23, Kuen).
Disobedient angels returned to the spirit world after the flood (Genesis 6 :1-4). But these demons do not regained the high position they originally had ( Jude 6:1).
\ "\"
Demon Humbaba   AO 9034
Often figured so repulsive, that demon was supposed to protect against evil influences.
His performances were often placed at the entrance of buildings.
In the religion of Babylon, under the gods were the 'demons', a generic term that does not exist in Sumerian or Akkadian. A170
They had the power to afflict men of all kinds of diseases.
Throughout the gods they prayed in the pleading to help men to resist them.
\ "\"
Statuette of the Assyrian demon Pazuzu
MNB 467
This work is a beautiful example of the art of bronze Assyrians.
The frightening aspect of this hybrid monster is an expression of his evil power. His scorpion tail, his monstrous facies, its wings and talons of raptor suggest it belongs to the supernatural world.
An inscription identifying Pazuzu covers the back wings. 'King of the evil spirits of the winds', it is in particular responsible for the spread of epidemics.
"No picture is better reveals the \ future \ 's a great painter \' \ '\' s and Thiers bowed in 1822, the first work presented at the show by the very young Delacroix. \ 'S artist inspired by a novel about the \ 'Dante's Inferno, the dark and deeply dramatic design of the composition, by references to Michelangelo and Rubens, gave a new direction soon qualified romantic, painting
Eugene Delacroix

Charenton-Saint-Maurice, 1798 - Paris, 1863

Dante and Virgil in Hell,
also called The Barque of Dante inv 3820

Salon of 1822

Oil on canvas

H. : 1.89 m. , L. : 2.41 m.
\ "\"
Singing VIII \ 's Inferno, Dante and Virgil head to the infernal city of Dis. They are led by Phlegyas king of Boeotia condemned to Tartarus by Apollo for having set fire to the temple of Delphi. Dante recognizes in the muddy waters of Styx, one of his erstwhile enemies, Filippo Silver.
In the Iliad of Homer, the word tartaros Lowest designates the lower regions and dark place. This is the place of detention that mythical gods created for spirits and other Titans who had rebelled against Zeus.
The word 'Tartar' occurs in the Bible only in the text of 2 Peter 2:4.

It concerns here that "the angels who sinned." It could designate the deepest darkness and mental state of extreme lowering of these spiritual creatures rebels.
"For if God spared not the angels
who had sinned, but has
in Tartarus and delivered
the depths of darkness,
they are reserved for judgment "
2 Peter 2: 4 NIV
\ "\"
The last book of the Bible,
"revelation of Jesus Christ"
contains a prophetic warning
on the activity of demons on earth Revelation 1:1.
"And war broke out in heaven:
Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, [...] and it was thrown, the great dragon, the original serpent, the one called Devil and Satan,
who is misleading the entire inhabited earth, [...]
his angels (demons) were cast out with him.
That is why [...] woe to the earth. -
Revelation 12 :7-12.
Fontaine Saint Michel Paris

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