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The Tetragrammaton on Parisian monuments
The name of God appears nearly 7,000 times in the text of the Bible in the form of four letters, or Tetragrammaton. The Hebrew spelling is transcribed into French by YHWH or JHVH. The personal name of God is found nearly 20 times on Parisian monuments.
\ "\" 1 \ "\" 2 \ "\"
\ "\" 7 5 \ "\"
\ "\" 6 \ "\"\ "\" 14 \ "\"
\ "\"
Since the end of the renovation of the north tower
the church of St. Sulpice,
the Tetragrammaton is now visible,
in the upper part, on the four faces.

It presents points vowels and learned;

which is an indication for a greater theoretical correct pronunciation.

\ "\"
\ "\"\ "\"
\ "\"\ "\"
Church St. Germain-des-pres
75006 Paris
\ "\"
\ "\"
On May 5, 1821 Napoleon \ 's off in the \ island of St. Helena where he was exiled since 1815. National Funeral accompany the return of the ashes \ 's Emperor Napoleon, Invalides transferred to 15 December 1840. The current is controlled tomb in 1842 by King Louis-Philippe \ 's architect Visconti (1791-1853.'s Body \' s Emperor Napoleon, is filed April 2, 1861.
\ "\"
Dome Church (tomb of Napoleon 1)
Hotel National des Invalides
75007 Paris

\ "\"

Looking up,

include the Tetragrammaton in three places.

\ "\"\ "\"
\ "\"
\ "\" L \ 'Church of St. Pierre du Gros Caillou
is located at 92, rue Saint-Dominique
in the 7th arrondissement of Paris.
When the Gros Caillou had become a town
considerable, the need was felt
\ 's there building a branch of Saint-Sulpice
who was the parish of the town.
It \ 's held in this project since 1652.
It was demolished in the revolution.
In 1822, it rose to the same location
a new Catholic church
which is \ 's a beautiful simplicity.
The Tetragrammaton is behind \ 's altar
on the left. Note the vowel points.
The St. Augustine Church is a church of the 8th arrondissement of Paris built between 1860 and 18713. Built by Victor Baltard (architect of Les Halles in Paris), this church is its originality in its structure than in its eclectic style inspired by the Romanesque and Byzantine art.
Indeed, it is the first building
such magnitude metal frame.

It is almost 100 meters long
and the height of the dome \ 's student to
over 60 meters.

the Tetragrammaton

\ 's entry on the right.
\ "\"
\ "\"\ "\"
The Notre-Dame-de-Lorette is located in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. The construction of the church began in 1823 under the reign of Louis XVIII and \ 's completed in 1836 under Louis Philippe.

The early nineteenth century was characterized
which is reflected by a neoclassical
in Notre-Dame-de-Lorette.

Back to an ancient classic, of course,
but also return to the primitive Christians.

The murals are well
painted directly on the walls. The plan
is a classic basilica without transepts visible from the outside.

Historical monument in 1984
l \ 'Notre-Dame-de-Lorette \' s church
most colorful of Paris.

Found in the \ time, too modern,
too shiny with \ 'gas lighting
its walls are completely
covered with decorations.
\ "\"
Four chapels corresponding to the four major sacraments of the Christian life surround the nave. 5 times the Tetragrammaton found in the side chapels.
\ "\"\ "\"
L \ 'Notre-Dame-de-l \' Assumption, located in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, is today \ 's the main Polish church in Paris. The facade has a peristyle six Corinthian columns topped \ a triangular pediment. With its central plan, \ 's church is a rotunda 24 meters in diameter, with simple pilasters in the lower part. It is topped \ a dome pierced with eight bays, alternating niches statue.
\ "\"\ "\"
\ "\"
Saint-Roch Church
296, rue Saint-Honoré
75001 Paris
\ "\"
Built on the site
a small chapel dedicated XVI
to St. Suzanne,
the Saint-Roch church is one of the largest
of Paris. 126 meters long,
it is faithful to the medieval pattern.
It is the Tetragrammaton in two places.
\ "\"
\ "\"
Facade of Our Lady of Victories
Place des Petits-Peres 75002 Paris
In 1629, Louis XIII based
Our Lady of Victories.
King meets \ 's call Augustinian barefoot,
"petits fathers", who ask
\ 's money to build
d \ 'a new convent
on three acres that \ 'they acquired
between the Porte de Montmartre and the Porte
Saint-Honoré, close \ 's land
devoted to the tennis court, the Mail.
\ "\"\ "\"
Facade of the church
92 rue Saint-Denis

75001 Paris

\ "\"
St. Louis Church
19 bis rue Saint-Louis
75004 Paris
Born in 1214, St. Louis was the fourth son
Louis VIII (1187-1226), King of France,
and Blanche of Castile (1188-1252).
Crowned in Reims November 29, 1226,
He married Marguerite de Provence,
political union to bring Provence
under the authority of the crown of France.
\ "\"
\ "\"\ "\"
\ "\"\ "\"
The church of Saint-Merri (or Saint-Merry)
is a Catholic church located near
the Saint-Jacques Tower and center
Georges Pompidou at the intersection of
Rue Saint-Martin and the Rue de la Glassware
in the 4th arrondissement of Paris.

The name comes from Saint-Merri Abbot
St. Médéric died in the year 700, canonized
then renamed Saint Merri by contraction.
The remains of the saint are still based
in the crypt of the church.
L \ 'Saint-Médard church, built in the XV th XVIIIth centuries, is located rue Mouffetard in Paris, on the left bank of the Seine, southeast of Mount Sainte-Genevieve. Since the separation \ 's Church and the \' state, it is the property of the City of Paris and is affected (right \ exclusive and free of charge) to the Catholic faith.
\ "\"\ "\"
Parish of Saint Médard
141, rue Mouffetard

75005 Paris

L \ 'royal abbey of Val de Grace was built from 1624 to 1669. In 1621, Anne \ 's Austria, wife of Louis XIII, favors \' move to Paris from the community of the Benedictine convent of Val de Grace in the nursery Bièvres, it \ 's set in \' s medieval hotel Petit Bourbon, in the Faubourg St. Jacques. In 1624, the Queen laid the first stone of which, no doubt, as today \ 's most beautiful French seventeenth century convent set.
\ "\"\ "\"
Royal Church of Our Lady

1 Place Alphonse Laveran, Paris V e

ceiling detail>
\ "\"\ "\"

Cloister of the hospital Cochin 75014 Paris domestic retail window
\ "\"\ "\"
Under the arches are two statues.
One of them represents a large Jewish priest.

On his forehead, a shiny gold plate pure 'on which are engraved the words:

"Holiness belongs to YHWH"

- Exodus 28: 36

Paris in September 2010

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